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BISHOPS offers a full menu of cuts, color, styling options, and facial hair grooming services that will empower local residents to feel more confident in their individuality. A-la-carte pricing for haircuts, trims, hairstyling, coloring, blending, shampoo services, blowouts, conditioning and more, plus an unpretentious staff, being open 6 days a week from the early morning to the late night, and affordability ensures that Bishops makes self-care and hair care accessible to all.  

Founded in Portland in 2001 as the alternative to high end salons and cheap chop shops, Bishops was one of the first to introduce customers to the ‘all-ages and all-genders are welcome’ salon experience. At Bishops, it is not just about haircuts and hair color, it’s about being yourself and finding community. Our foundation rests on customer service, taking pride in our craft, creating a space where everyone is safe and accepted, and being passionate about what we do.

With shops all over the country, Bishops is excited to offer clients a safe and fun environment, while also bringing our ethos to the stylist/barber communities across the nation. Simply put, your style is what you say it is and Bishops will always support it!

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